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Take me down - released 02/10/2020

The new single from Will and the Starlight drops on 2nd October 2020 on all major music platforms / services.

Inspired by overcoming hardships and making peace with what comes our way, the song is about embracing life and death.

Will said, "Many of us are scared of the unknown. Being out in the Atlantic Ocean surfing and free diving, there's a peace that's hard to come by in day to day city life. You're surrounded by the ocean, the deep blue... no mobile phones, no social media and just being immersed in something bigger than yourself is incredibly freeing."

"At some of the worst times of my life I've turned to special places and I realised they're all connected to the ocean. It's like it's a sacred place. There's a connection that feels natural with music, creativity and being peaceful."

The music video was shot by Ben Battell of Batell Photography and additional shots were made by Crimson Wave.

Shot on location at Holywell Bay, Tolcarne Beach and Mother Ivy's Bay in Cornwall.

The music video is released on October 9th, 2020.

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