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So Far Away - new single

Ha! It's been 6 months or so since I last posted here. I tend to use social media more... especially instagram. So if you're on insta, head over and drop my page a follow.

My new record is nearly finished... and I already announced the lead single 'So Far Away'. It's a laid back, uptempo pop-summer banger. Lockdown has been hard on people all over the country... the world even where there's been lockdown restrictions. The longing for summer, freedom and enjoying ourselves with our friends... and driving to see long distance lovers. ;-)

I took up surfing a few years back and I'm improving month on month. There's nothing like being in the ocean and the freedom of being in the big blue. It's a bit of a theme on my new record. And I'm very proud to be an advocate for cleaner and conserved oceans.

Anyway... back to the music! There are three versions of this track!

The single version (Surf version)

The original version that will appear on my new LP and a slightly faster version of the original for a potential vinyl release (fingers crossed)!

Maybe, If I have time I'm do a remix too? I'm not sure yet as I'm planning the music video which I hope to shoot shortly.

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