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Salt on the Wind - Red vinyl release 2021.

I'm marking the 1 year anniversary of Salt on the Wind with a physical release. And I'm so happy to share this with you.

Released in Febrary 2021 to mark the 1 year anniversary, the vinyl is an expanded version of the digital release from 2020.

Side A:

A1 Breaking Down

A2 New Beginnings

A3 Home to the Sun

A4 The Game (Dreams came true)

B1 Hey You

B2 I Wish You Well

B3 Breaking Down (Bright Fury's Remix) - Bonus track.

B4 Dark Late Night Sky - Bonus track

This is a strictly limited edition finished in Red Vinyl and there will only be a short run of 50 available, complete with a limited edition lithograph and hand written letter on the making of the record.

They'll be available from my website store in January 2021.

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