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Salt on the Wind - out today!

The debut EP from Will and the Starlight is out on all streaming services and leading digital music retailers.

Will and the Starlight, Portsmouth based synth-pop artist releases his debut EP 'Salt on the Wind'. Featuring confessional lyrics, pop hooks, lush synths, pulsing basses, swirling arps and 90's and 80's inspired beats, the six-track record is a snapshot of a man finding his way post a relationship breakup and making peace with it. 

Will and the Starlight is the moniker of William (Will). "The moniker is a tribute to my father, William (my namesake) who encouraged me to pursue music when I was a teenager. I also have a fascination with stars, the sky, the oceans and am a bit of an eternal optimist. So that's where Will and the Starlight was born. I'd been in bands and written so many songs for other artists and musicians and I thought I really want to do this for myself. A 'new beginning' was a catalyst for that and here I am about to release my first record and music video." 

Salt on the Wind deals with issues from being ghosted to the falling in and out of love in a relationship, finding inner peace and self-preservation. “There's a strong connection to the ocean, and themes of the sea swirl through this record, whether it's synth pads and textures that represent the swells and crests of deep blue waves through to stormy seas and grey ocean swells.”

Lead single 'Breaking Down' deals with the topic of being ghosted and eventually trying to reconcile but being wary of giving someone that second chance. Intense synths and electric guitars pulse through the track while a pounding electronic rhythm sets the pace of the rhythm, over a catchy chorus. 

Will said, "I've long had a fascination with imagery and love being outside and how it relates to music. It inspires me and gives me the space to think up creative ideas outside of the recording studio. I love the ocean, sunsets and the night skies. Have you ever been to a 'dark sky' reserve and see the Milky Way above you with your own eyes? It's kind of incredible. The colours and incredible lights remind me of synths and the incredible never-ending palette of sounds you can create music with to express yourself. I wanted my debut EP to capture beautiful sounds, textures and set it to a snapshot of what I was going through in my life at the time I wrote the songs."

Will and the Starlight is a multi-instrumentalist and plays piano, guitar, and synths as well as being a vocalist and is an independent artist self-releasing who splits his time between Portsmouth, London and the Atlantic coast in Cornwall.

Salt on the Wind is out on all digital music stores and streaming platforms on 27th March 2020. 



  1. Breaking Down

  2. New Beginnings

  3. Home To The Sun

  4. The Game (Dreams Came True)

  5. Hey You

  6. I Wish You Well

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