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Home to the Sun - out now on all platforms


Will and the Starlight – Home to the Sun release Will and the Starlight is a UK based synth pop artist and music producer based in Portsmouth. Having produced other bands and artists for the past decade, he decided to create his own solo music project: Will and the Starlight.

Right before Covid-19 struck the world, Will released his debut record ‘Salt on the Wind’ on digital music platforms and debut single ‘Breaking Down’. Following the debut is the new single ‘Home to the Sun’, the 2nd single lifted from Salt on the Wind.

Will said, “The record is a mid-tempo track that fuses my love of synths, 80’s and 90’s music styles. The song’s ultimately about missing someone you thought you fell out of love with, but once they’re gone, you realise it was a mistake. Same old story! But somehow setting it to music is cathartic and a good release.”

The song has a strong hook and dreamy melody driven by an electric bass guitar. Will is a multi-instrumentalist and plays keys and guitar and produced the track in London, UK.

“I thought it was important to write the song from my perspective as an out gay man and to be honest about who this was about, and so I wasn’t trying to pretend to be something I’m not just so not to alienate listeners. In 2020, if we can’t be out true artistic self, when can we be? I’m sure nearly everyone can relate to the story that Home to the Sun tells.”

“I love that all life is ultimately fuelled by the sun, and I love the summer... it’s like a happy place for me. So, the title of the track is a play on those things... take me HOME, home to the sun.”

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