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Home to the Sun - new single from Salt on the Wind

I'm so happy to confirm that 'Home to the Sun' will be my next single is out on 16th April 2020 on all digital music store and streaming services.

Remember singles from the 90's? They had multiple tracks... remixes / bonus songs (AA-sides)... yup, my next single is a 5 track release. Including 2 versions of the title track, 2 remixes of Breaking Down (my debut single) and a brand new and exclusive track called 'Dark Late Night Sky'... a fun romantic little track I wrote after I finished the Salt on the Wind sessions (out now on all digital music platforms FYI ;-)

1. Home to the Sun - Radio Edit 2. Home to the Sun - Remix 3. Breaking Down - Bright Fury's Remix 4. Breaking Down – Orchestral v House remix 5. Dark Late Night Sky (Exclusive new song)

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