TAKE ME DOWN - Single (02/10/2020)

The new single from Will and the Starlight. A mid-tempo synth pop groove with big 80's drum machine snares and a gorgeous syth hook.

1. Take me down (Single edit)


HOME TO THE SUN is the new single from Will and the Starlight. 

Featuring 5 tracks, the single - EP was delayed due to COVID-19. 

1. Home to the Sun (Single edit)

2. Home to the Sun (Bright Fury's Remix)

3. Breaking Down (Bright Fury's Remix)

4. Breaking Down (Orchestral V House Remix)

5. Dark Late Night Sky - Bonus track


Debut EP 'Salt on the Wind' will be released on 27|03|2020. 

The debut EP from Will and the Starlight is a self-penned part-confessional record full of 80's and 90's synths, lush pads, 90's beats, 80's Simmons drums and emotion. 

"When I started writing a solo record, I had no idea of how it might end up, only a thought that it might take direction from how I was feeling at the time. After being ghosted by someone I fell in love with, and having a hard couple of years, it ended up becoming about my experiences of falling in love, moving on and also saying 'fuck you' to those who would look to use me." I guess this story has been told a thousand times before, but for every artist that does, I think they bring a personal and confessional perspective to the subject matter. I know I have too." 

1. Breaking Down

2. New Beginnings

3. Home to the Sun

4. The Game (Dreams came true)

5. Hey you

6. I wish you well

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