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Portsmouth and London based artist Will and the Starlight fuses a love of vintage analogue and digital synths with 80's and 90's dance beats to create synth-electro-pop music. His songwriting and productions convey his storytelling of modern issues and the age-old pursuit of happiness and all the pitfalls along the way.


"I wanted to create something that's both personal, musically fun and something I would be proud of in the end. Making music is so personal and this is the first time I've had the confidence to release my own music. I've been inspired by so many artists, especially electronic artists like Madonna, Erasure, Bat for Lashes and others coming up on the scene. I've had a lot of heart-ache over the past few years and music has been my 'go-to' to for therapy to cope. 


I think there's a space for me and my project. I can't wait to share my debut release publicly and start to build my music up."

"I want to build a sound experience with pop and dance beats drenched with gorgeous synths."

- Will and the Starlight

"The Will and the Starlight project are creating some killer pop hooks over some pretty confessional lyrics"

- Ben Swann, Music critic

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